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I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to attend an EM-related conference in DC recently. The conference itself was very interesting, but lengthy, and it was difficult getting in sightseeing! I know, the struggle is real.

However, on the last day I did play hooky, and made it to the National Gallery. Naturally, being a creature of culture and refinement, I love museums, love expanding my understanding of color, contrast, composition, and the mirror it holds up to human nature.

I also love art for the crazy therein:

saint with eyes
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Artichoke Dip

Today we released our fish into the pond out back! The saga of how two people with zero interest in personal fish ownership ended up saddled with three very large goldfish is long, but a short and highly depressing recap goes thusly: Foolish landlord stocked shallow back pond with 12 tiny goldfish. Some survived and got larger. Winter came. Pond froze. One goldfish survived by being insulated by the dead bodies of its fish friends.
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Artichoke Dip