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Real Talk About Being a Doctor

Having utterly abandoned this blog for quite some time (10 months), I’m pretty certain I can post without anyone actually reading.

So, no recipe today, just soul baring.

Since starting this medical journey, I’ve had a lot of curiosity expressed by acquaintances about what it’s like to be a doctor. Generally it’s of the “eeeww, how can you deal with blood, I hate blood” variety. Continue reading Real Talk About Being a Doctor

Coconut Fish Curry

Patients, I love them, but they can drive me crazy some times. It’s okay, it’s my job to deal with it, and I’m sure I’m not always easy, but I’d like to take a minute to share a couple of pet peeves/misunderstandings. Try to avoid them, and you’ll make your doctor ever so much happier.

1. Please don’t talk when my stethoscope is on your chest. This isn’t some paternalistic, old-school medicine tradition that’s disenfranchising patients – it’s simple courtesy. A stethoscope is an amplifier, which is what allows me to hear your heart sounds. However, when you talk, that gets amplified too, and, not only can I not hear your heart, it also feels like you’re screaming in my ear. Not fun.

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And man, it’s some heavy stuff. Sorry for the melodrama, folks.

This kind of hits home right now. I had a patient this week whom we had to work until family came to terms with the situation. I don’t fault them – this came out of nowhere, but the time I spent essentially torturing someone who had no chance of meaningful recovery was rough. Please y’all, educate yourself about what CPR really means and what the outcomes are, let your loved ones know what you want, and make a living will.