How weird life can be

Hi all! Long hiatus, mostly due to work, although given how limited my readership is I doubt anyone was waiting with bated breath. Nonetheless, I’m currently on PICU, which means a month of home call, i.e. can’t travel more than a few miles away from my house, can’t drink booze, can’t really start any project that cannot be dropped within 15 minutes, so basically, an excellent time to mess around on the internet and little else. Or clean the house, but let’s not get all crazy. More recipes will likely follow, but for now, a glimpse into the unique world of medicine.

Sometimes you get so used to the weird, given your life, that it doesn’t even register. Other times you talk to friends and family outside the field and then what you’re doing just seems bizarre, even if what you’re doing is simply billing/computer training.


Being precise is key!

amputation 2

Including, ummm, whether a deli slicer is involved? This definitely impacts my treatment, so it’s totally not a waste of time to expect me to acquire this information.

And of course, this charming vignette from a safety training:

safety event

Naturally this is a VA scenario, and, having done part of my training in one such facility, is actually pretty plausible. Stay classy VA!

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How weird life can be

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