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')"> Hi, I’m the veggiesaurus! This picture is fairly true to life, except that my arms are longer. I’m a mostly vegetarian, occasional pesceterian, and lover of food. I cook a lot, because I enjoy it, plus I’m pretty picky and live in a very meat-and-potatoes part of the country so dining out options are limited. In my spare non-cooking time, I am training to be an Emergency Medicine doctor. I have a wide range of interests, so blog content may be mixed…


')"> This is my better half, Batman + a shark (hereafter referred to as BS, because I’m immature). He’s pretty cool and tolerates my insane food pickiness, unfortunate habit of putting my feet up on surfaces I shouldn’t, and gory stories during dinner. He’s also easy on the eyes, *wink*.

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')"> This is our sabre-toothed tiger. He’s a little on the small side, but super-fierce. When not engaging in the roughly 20 hours of begging for food he does a day, he assists in the blogging process by sitting behind my head on the couch and napping.




20150517_231921155_iOS About

')"> Meet shark-dog! This is an unfair picture as he doesn’t usually drool. He’s a sweet-natured creature with entirely too much energy whose favorite activity is chasing a laser-pointer dot, with tug of war coming a close second. Despite being a young pup, his random noises approximate those of a tired old man to an eerie degree.

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