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Coconut Fish Curry

Patients, I love them, but they can drive me crazy some times. It’s okay, it’s my job to deal with it, and I’m sure I’m not always easy, but I’d like to take a minute to share a couple of pet peeves/misunderstandings. Try to avoid them, and you’ll make your doctor ever so much happier.

1. Please don’t talk when my stethoscope is on your chest. This isn’t some paternalistic, old-school medicine tradition that’s disenfranchising patients – it’s simple courtesy. A stethoscope is an amplifier, which is what allows me to hear your heart sounds. However, when you talk, that gets amplified too, and, not only can I not hear your heart, it also feels like you’re screaming in my ear. Not fun.

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Coconut Berry Muffins

Oh man, this post represents an epic post fail. You see, I made some muffins a few weeks ago from a cookbook I’ve been working through, Mangia

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and they were pretty danged good, good enough that I ate more than I ought to, and took enough photos for a whole post on them which I have yet to actually write.

Therefore when I made a different muffin recipe from the book a few days later, I did not bother to take pictures. “Why bother, Veggiesaurus,” I told myself. “Muffins are muffins, how different could they be?” “How many muffin recipes do people want anyway?” This was a mistake. The first muffin recipe was excellent, but this one was superlative. Continue reading

Coconut Berry Muffins

Coconut Quinoa

I meant for this post to come about 2 weeks ago, but (work) life intervened.
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Guess what guys, I’m a second year now! It’s a decidedly weird feeling, mostly good, but little terrifying. I don’t quite know how to explain what one year of residency training means, because it passes in a flash and so much of it isn’t quite comprehensible until later, when I see something in the department and realize that all of those off-service rotations and moments spent studying have paid off because I’ve got this. Continue reading

Coconut Quinoa